Galemys 16 (NE)

Galemys 16 número especial 2004 PVP: 10 € / 5 € socios

1. Biometrics
Genov, P. V. Cranometric characteristics of the subgenus Sus Linnaeus 1758 and a systematic conclusion.

Markina, F. A., C. Sáez-Royuela & R. de Garnica. Physical development of wild boar in the Cantabric Mountains, Alava, Northern Spain.

2. Demography and Reproduction
Cahill, S. & F. Llimona. Demographics of a wild boar Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758 population in a metropolitan park in Barcelona.

Fonseca, C., P. Santos, A. Monzón, P. Bento, A. Alves da Silva, J. Alves, A. Silvério, A.M.V.M. Soares & F. Petrucci-Fonseca. Reproduction in the wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758) populations of Portugal.

Maillard, D. & P. Fournier. Timing and synchrony of births in the wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758) in a Mediterranean habitat: the effect of food availability.

Truvé, J., J. Lemel & B. Söderberg. Dispersal in relation to population density in wild boar (Sus scrofa).

Uzal, A. & C. Nores. Endogenous and exogenous constraints in the population changes of wild boar (Sus scrofa, Linnaeus 1758).

3. Trophic Ecology
Baubet, E., C. Bonenfant & S. Brandt. Diet of the wild boar in the French Alps.

Herrero, J., S. Couto, C. Rosell & P. Arias. Preliminary data on diet of wild boar living in a Mediterranean coastal wetland.

Irizar, I., N. A. Laskurain & J. Herrero. Wild boar frugivory in the Atlantic Basque Country.

Massei, G. & P. V. Genov. The environmental impact of wild boar.

4. Behaviour
Fischer, C., H. Gourdin & M. Obermann. Spatial behaviour of wild boar in Geneva, Switzerland: testing the methods and first results.

Rosell, C., F. Navàs, S. Romero & I. de Dalmases. Activity patterns and social organization of wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) in a wetland environment: preliminary data on the effects of shooting individuals.

Santos, P., L. Mexia-de-Almeida & F. Petrucci-Fonseca. Habitat selection by wild boar Sus scrofa L. in Alentejo, Portugal.

Sodeikat, G. & K. Pohlmeyer. Escape movements of wild boar piglets (Sus scrofa L.) after trapping, marking and releasing.

5. Pathology
Höfle U., J. Vicente, I.G. Fernández de Mera, D. Villanúa, P. Acevedo, F. Ruiz-Fons. & C. Gortázar. Health risks in game production: the wild boar.

Magalhães, A., C. Bruno de Sousa, M.M. Afonso-Roque, I.M. Pereira da Fonseca, J. Meireles, M.I. Fazendeiro & L.M. Madeira de Carvalho. The role of wild boar and carnivores in the epidemiology of trichinellosis in Portugal.

Heise-Pavlov, P. M. & S. R. Heise-Pavlov. Prevalence of selected parasites and Leptospira in wild pigs (Sus scrofa) from tropical north-eastern Australia.

6. Sociology
Galhano-Alves, J. P. Man and Wild Boar: A study in Montesinho Natural Park, Portugal.

7. Management
Hadjisterkotis, E. The introduction of wild boar Sus scrofa L. on the island of Cyprus.

Lopes, F. J. V. & J.M.F. Borges. Wild Boar in Portugal.

Monzón, A. & P. Bento. An analysis of the hunting pressure on wild boar (Sus scrofa) in the Trás-os-Montes region of northern Portugal.